Rainbow Shell Throw

Almost two weeks ago I took on my biggest project so far, the Rainbow Shell Throw from The Crochet Boutique. I expected this project to last weeks if not months, but I was able to finish it last weekend, surprise! It was a really easy pattern made with clusters of double crochet stitches and you could see some progress after a short while, plus it was fun to change colors every few rows. I’ll see how ‘usable’ it really is for an evening on the sofa and as a living room accessorie. I might consider making a second (and maybe even a third throw) as a wedding present and this time experiment with the colors. The yarn I used was LionBrand Jiffy Yarn, just like suggested in the pattern. It is fluffy indeed, but not too fuzzy, so you can crochet smoothly. The sleeve also said it is washable at 40 degrees although I might not want to put that statement to the test… 😉
Here are some pictures: