About the Owl

IMG_1237Whooooo’s the Owl???

It’s me, Franziska!

Characteristics/cannot live without:

  • Size G Bamboo Crochet Hook
  • Canon EOS Rebel T3


  • Likes: buttons, pickles, the smell of books
  • Dislikes: beer, spiders, chipped nails

I’m a stubborn wannabe photographer, crocheter and jewelry designer, immune to endless instruction manuals but impatient when it comes to the results of my work. I want everything to be perfect, now or at least in a jiffy. In the end I have to settle with what I could achieve, and that is often slightly imperfect, with little flaws here and there, but also charming and special because it comes with the passion and delight that are the fuel of my work.

There is nothing more satisfying than creating something for the sake of being creative. After a long work day crocheting helps me relax while working with resin makes me see objects of the daily life from a different perspective. And taking pictures of the beautiful things that surround me is like trying to find the beginning of a rainbow – you know that you might not succeed, but it is just so pretty and mysterious that it is worth a try anyway…

Trying to take pictures like a pro while seeking for the latest crochet patterns and collecting more items to embed in layers of resin along the way might seem a little bit like ADHD. In fact, all these things complement each other perfectly. I could not let any of it go without missing it terribly. For my family this usually means hikes with frequent stops for pictures, including impatient exclamations like ‘Dad, can you step aside please, you’re in the way!’ My husband could work as a professional narrator because I can hardly follow any movie plot while crocheting. Not to mention the cluttered living room after another round of resin experiments…
If you’re interested in my art and the way it is created, visit my blog and find me on Facebook. I’m looking forward to your thoughts, comments & feedback!

Your Foolish Owl